Trial Plan Application Form

Name of Plan Registration Fees No. of Unit Per Day Plans Validity You Get Per Unit
Trial Rs. 800 120 Unit Per Day 2 Months Rs.1 Per Unit


Only one time Rs.800 registration fee for validity of 2 months. No additional fees are required in 2 months.

This is not a target based work. Your payment is based on your work.

Maximum Per Day Income- 120 unit x Rs 1= Rs.120 Per Day

Maximum Weekly Income- Rs 120 Per Day x 7 Days= Rs 840 Per Week

Maximum Monthly Income- Rs 120 Per Day x 28 Days= Rs 3360 Per Month

Total Maximum Income in 2 Months- Rs 3360 Per Month x 2 Months= Rs 6720


How To Start : To start with us is very simple. You simply have to fill the following form and submit it. And then pay Rs. 800 registration charges. Then within 1 hours your account will be activated. You will get your username and password at your email id filled in the form. After that you can start your work.

Guidelines : As soon as your account is activated, you will get Guidelines in PDF format at your email id. You will get all the instructions in it.